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Modern’s Unique Approach

Recruit | Modern operates using a franchise model where a franchisee-cleaner is hand-picked to service sites based on their cleaning expertise

Franchise | As owners, Modern franchisees deliver the highest level of responsiveness and effort to ensure their long-term success  
Operationalize | Modern operationalizes the franchisee by facilitating and providing technology & tools, training, equipment purchase and financing  
Support | Modern HQ supports all franchisees with ongoing supply procurement, accounting, payroll services, HR and legal support, which allows for consolidation of services to minimize administrative costs and allow the franchisee to focus on service delivery   

Oversee | Modern HQ provides national account management, and its field operations teams deliver detailed hands-on and online training & testing, outcome validation and a 24 / 7 client solution center

The franchise model yields maximum accountability and ownership combined with the professionalism, consistency and support of Canada’s largest cleaning company


As Canada’s largest and fastest growing janitorial services company, Modern has leveraged scale and resources to develop proprietary technology to and provide clients with the visibility, reporting and confidence they require.

The CVS consists of 3 mobile applications that combine to form a comprehensive remote management system.

Greater accountability

  • Using Apps within the CVS, Modern Franchisee’s cleaners photograph their daily performance which is monitored by a 3rd party

Maximum visibility

  • The outdated practice of monthly visits and inspections is replaced with through the use of a proprietary App which provides daily visibility ad validation of cleanliness execution 

Cost reduction

  • The Modern CVS allows for remote monitoring instead of driving long distances for infrequent inspections


The FotoFinish mobile application leverages today’s technology to replace the outdated practice of monthly inspection visits with daily visibility and validation of cleaning execution.

This creates a culture of increased accountability, as cleaners are conscious of the fact that their work will be photographed and reviewed on a daily basis.

Clients get the benefit of consistent quality control, with franchisees having the ability to evaluate and proactively make adjustments where necessary.

Consistency and Protection of Your Brand for a Spotless Reputation

  • Modern provides the maximum certainty, security and consistency through the use of tools and practices that provide visibility and transparency, ensuring compliance, the protection of your brand and reputation.
  • Modern clients have access to our 24/7 client solutions center for incremental service requests and/or service delivery concerns.
  • Modern has franchisees and local field operations teams covering almost every city across Canada to ensure responsive and timely operational support for every client.
  • Modern franchisees are trained on client-specific and site-specific scopes, while Modern field operations teams support execution and oversee all compliance and administrative functions for franchisees. Resulting in:
    •  Full compliance with laws and best practices, reducing the risk of injury to our clients and their parents .
    •  Control of all aspects of operations, ensuring consistency across the network.

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