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A woman mopping a floor

Daily Cleaning

Why this is important:

Daily foot traffic can affect the overall cleanliness level of common areas of your business.

A clean environment makes a good impression and can even improve morale and health.

What we do & how:

Our team schedules janitorial services in high-traffic areas where you need it most, including washrooms, cafeterias & kitchens and reception/lobby areas.

We use the most efficient equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to keep all common areas looking their best.

Close-up of someone cleaning a carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Why this is important:

Hot water extraction will remove any calcium and salt stains along with any dirt missed with just regular vacuuming, helping prolong the life of your carpets.

What we do & how:

Modern uses specialized carpet extraction equipment that injects hot water and steam into your carpets to loosen and remove stains, calcium or other items that vacuuming alone could not remove.

A man in a reflective vest high dusting a ventilation duct

High Dusting

Why this is important:

Performing high dusting on a set schedule can positively affect the quality and purity of the air your employees and clients breathe on a daily basis.

Dust, spider webs, mold and bacteria can accumulate on vents, lights and exposed pipes over time and is not always visible from below.

What we do & how:

Depending on ceiling height, Modern can use a ladder or scissor lift along with a specialized vacuum equipped with extension poles and a microfiber cloth to collect accumulated dust.

A tarp is used to collect and remove any additional dust and debris that may fall.

An overhead view of a man waxing a floor

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Why this is important:

Floors are one of the first things your clients and staff will notice when they walk into your business.

Waxing helps protect your flooring to prevent damage from weather or abrasives used during the winter months.

Modern will work with you to determine the correct number of coats to ensure we deliver a result is best for your specific flooring.

What we do & how:

Completely wash floor to remove all debris, then apply the appropriate number of coats of stripper.

Neutralize the floor with water and mild soap.

Apply the appropriate number of coats of wax to achieve the desired level of shine.

Close-up of a person cleaning a window with a squeegee

Window Cleaning

Why this is important:

Windows are the first aspect your clients or employees notice about your business from the exterior.

Properly cleaned windows allow for additional sunlight into your business.

What we do & how:

Whether you have a single-story building or retail store front, Modern has the expertise to keep your windows looking their best.

Modern uses window-specific -cleaning methodology and specialized chemical solution to remove accumulated dust, debris, finger prints and streaks.

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